Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best Ways To Instill American Patriotism In Your Children and Our Youth

With patriotism waning and a cohesive American identity in decline, there ought to be some measures taken to instill a sense of patriotism in America’s children. Pride in America is important and if this nation is to remain as strong as it has been in generation past, today’s children should feel just as proud to be Americans as their parents and grandparents had been when they were growing up.

One very effective way to instill national pride in America’s youth is through the preservation of historical memory, that is to say that children should be taught and reminded of their ancestor’s accomplishments. After all, this nation has a long and storied past of monument achievements. From fighting for human rights, to a strong military, to exploring new frontiers, America has done it all and done it well. Children should be reminded of that.

Another way to instill patriotism in children is to have them participate in community service organizations which foster a pride in being American. These sorts of youth organizations are numerous and include the Boy Scouts, The Girl Scouts, The Civil Air Patrol, and can even just be a local unaffiliated service group in the child’s community.

Finally, keeping American iconography prominently displayed will go far in creating a sense of patriotism in children. Items such as American flags, paintings or prints depicting great moments in American history, listening to patriotic music, or even just a patriotic t-shirt will make a real impact on a child and will help grow their sense of national identity and American pride.

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