Thursday, August 4, 2011

The American Legion

The American Legion is a very important patriotic organization that has its roots in the muddy, trench scarred battlefields of World War I. The organization was founded by veterans in 1919 to assist their brothers in arms who were returning from their fight against the Germans in Europe. The American Legion was later chartered by the United States Congress under Title 36 of the United States Code.

With its current headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the American Legion has about 14,000 posts and some 3 million members across the globe. The American Legion’s major contemporary initiatives involve a lot of advocacy for veterans, especially with the increase that American has seen in its number of combat vets due to the Global War on Terror. As a result, lobbying for better veterans’ benefits and improvements in the Veterans Administration System are among the American Legion’s top priorities.

On a micro level, individual posts often serve an important role in the communities in which they are located and tend to host various community events and happenings. This is especially true during patriotic celebrations.

Until the most recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the demographic of American Legion Members tended to be on the older side as member required a period of active duty military service during a time of conflict. However, now with ongoing hostilities, a new generation has become eligible and the average age of a member has gone down in the last decade.

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