Friday, October 28, 2011

Find Ways To Help Veterans, Troops Throughout The Year

Don’t forget to thank veterans on Nov. 11 — Veterans Day.

That’s good advice, but there are actions you can take before then.

Consider donations to the American Red Cross, which — among other things — provides emergency communications services, relaying urgent messages to military personnel about births, deaths and serious illnesses or other emergencies in their immediate families. The involvement of the Red Cross helps in obtaining emergency leave.

The USO has been helping our troops for 70 years, with USO Centers and entertainment tours that bring a touch of home. The organization has facilities in 27 states and 14 countries.

From time to time, organizations also launch drives to collect comfort items for residents of veterans’ homes .

You can also help by doing things for neighbors with family members deployed overseas — whether it’s helping with chores around the house or inviting them to a backyard barbecue.

Contact a local Veteran’s Home or Veteran’s Hospital to volunteer.

Let’s remember our veterans and active-duty troops not only on Veterans Day but every day.

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