Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First Hand Account Of The Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor
Read about Mac McGill's first hand account of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

He was aboard the USS California that morning -- going about his day -- when the battleship was hit by a torpedo. 

He swam through oil and flames to shore, suffering only minor burns but knowing the country was now at war.

And while he survived one of the most important events of the 20th century, McGill says he's not a hero, although his son who also served in the Navy disagrees. "This man, as a green 19-year old kid...kept his head about him when the world was literally going nuts, all around him, and he survived. And because of that, I got to be here."
"I wasn't heroic, really in any fashion. But there were some heroes, I'm sure."

Mac McGill served in the Navy for 20 years and retired as a Chief Petty Officer in 1961.  Mac is a true patriotic hero in our book.  Thanks for your service.

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