Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kansas City Man Helps More Than 1000 Americans

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This week's Patriotic Portrait is about Johnny Matz.

Helping others has always been the American way, and we would like to thank Johnny Matz for doing good deeds for many people.

Johnny is a retired railroad worker from Shawnee, KS. He has been donating blood since 1972. Over the years he has donated 68 gallons of blood.

He donates at the Community Blood Center, which supplies 75 hospitals in the Kansas City region. Workers at the Center say that Matz has helped more that 1,000 people with his blood donations.

Matz says that it gives him a good feeling that he has done something for someone. He urges people “to just give it one chance. You have no idea how good you feel afterwards.”

Matz father, 84 years old, also donates blood; he started when he was in the Navy in World War II, and still donates regularly.

Thank you, Johnny Matz, for being an excellent example of a first-class American.

Be Proud - Be Patriotic - Love America

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