Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Patriotic Portrait - American Heroes

American Hero
Today’s Patriotic Portrait highlights five American heroes. Police officers Wayne Zachowski , Christopher Koszyk, Nick Gerardi , Steve Collier and firefighter Thomas Facciola.

On January 4th, without using any self-contained breathing apparatus, the officers rushed into a burning three-story residential building in Jersey City. They saved three trapped victims. Firefighter Facciola also rescued a victim from the Jersey City, NJ building.

When the officers arrived at the building ahead of the firefighters, they were told that there were people trapped inside. Finding the front door locked, the cops forced their way in and were met by heavy smoke and flames. They located the victims and carried them to safety.

Zachowski and Koszyk suffered smoke inhalation while pulling the people from the vacant building, and Facciola hurt his back when he fell while helping a victim outside the building.

We commend these men for risking their lives to save others.

Be Proud – Be Patriotic – Be American

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