Wednesday, February 15, 2012

United States MarineToday’s Patriotic Portrait is of Nicholas G. Xiarhos, a 21-year-old Marine corporal from Yarmouth, Massachusetts.  In July of 2009 he was killed in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan.

Xiarhos had returned to the United States from Iraq in October 2008, but changed battalions so he could be deployed to Afghanistan in May 2009.  His mother, Lisa, said he didn’t feel comfortable living an easy life and that he just wanted to fight for his country.

 During his phone calls home, he never complained about the heat or of the stress of combat. He hated attention drawn to the fact he was a Marine, because he said, “There are thousands of Marines, and I’m not any different than they are. ’’

After finishing his service in Afghanistan, Xiarhos had planned to go to college and become a police officer like his father, Yarmouth police Lieutenant Steven Xiarhos.

Paul Funk, Xiarhos’s high school football and baseball coach for four years, remembered him as a motivated, selfless person. “I know he was a good Marine because he talked about serving his country from the day I met him,’’ Funk said. “I know he was doing something that he really believed in.’’

We are grateful for Nicholas’ patriotism and will not forget that he gave his life for our country.

Be Proud – Be Patriotic – Be American

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