Thursday, May 24, 2012

America Honors Veterans

This Saturday, May 26, AmericanWarrior’s Day of Honor will send 100 World War II and Korean Veterans to Washington DC, to see their Memorials for the first time, 68 years after the end of the war.

 Forty-five volunteer Guardians and medical personnel will accompany them. This will be the eighth trip with a total of 830 Veterans sent in five years. American Warrior founder Christopher Coutu stated, “This is truly our last chance to honor these members of the Greatest Generation. This is their final wish and we make it a reality.”

 Veterans receive a patriotic homecoming upon arrival in Washington D.C. and a motorcycle escort to the World War II Memorial. They will lay a wreath at the Connecticut pillar in memory of those Connecticut veterans who were unable to see their Memorial. American Warrior Days of Honor are free of charge to the Veterans.

Fundraising has been successful with the support of hundreds of Connecticut citizens and organizations. AmericanWarrior is an all-volunteer organization.

 Be Proud – Be Patriotic – Be American

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